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Surveys can be broken into two distinct types. The first type is where we gather Information and then convert the information into a plan of survey. This plan is then forwarded to our client in both hard copy format (Paper) and or Electronic format (digital information). The information gathered by survey is then utilised to determine or to create as the case may be. The second type of survey is where we convert design into spatial reality. Building Setout surveys are a good example of this type of survey.

Surveyors are the medium between design and spatial reality. The reality is that boundaries form the framework of our existence. The knowledge of where those boundaries lie is the key to success. Knowledge provides peace of mind and Surveyors can provide you with spatial knowledge. If you are uncertain about the type of survey you require search the list below and preview some examples of the types of Survey we can undertake and the Plans of Survey that we produce.

Henderson Surveying is a local family owned and run business. As such we provide a personalised service to our clients where our clients deal directly with the surveyor. Our surveys are competitively priced and we always achieve the best outcome for our clients within the given time frames. We are not limited to the list below so if you are uncertain about your requirements contact us and let us guide you through.


Cadastral Surveys
Easement Surveys
Lease Surveys
Building Location
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