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Scott Henderson Surveys is a Gold Coast based survey firm providing a wide range of Survey Services throughout South East Queensland for Land Developers, Architects, Engineers, Town Planners, Building Designers, Builders, Investors, Solicitors, Real Estate agents and the General Public.

As a Registered Consulting Surveyor with the Surveyors Board of Queensland Scott Henderson can provide all of your spatial needs through survey.

From our experience we understand that most people do not have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to Survey. We hope our website can perhaps help you understand the survey process and give you some insight into the value and need for having a survey undertaken.

Cadastral Survey Service

1. Cadastral Surveys (Boundaries)

1.1 Lot Reconfiguration (Subdivision)

(a) Subdivision

(b) Amalgamation

(c) Boundary Realignment

1.2 Identification (Boundary Reinstatement)

1.3 Community Title Scheme (Strata Title)

(a) Standard Format Plan With Common Property

(b) Building Format Plan ( Subdivision of building)

(c) Group Title Resubdivision

(d) Exclusive Use

(e) Services Location Diagrams

1.4 Easements

1.5 Lease

(a) Lease over land

(b) Lease over building

1.6 Building Location

2. Engineering Surveys

2.1 Contour / Detail

2.2 Building Set-out

2.3 Engineering Set-out

2.4 As Constructed

2.5 Levelling (Flood and Floor Levels, Benchmarks)

2.6 Dilapidation and Monitoring

3. Applications, Preliminary Plans & Reports

3.1 Local Authority Lot Reconfiguration (Subdivision) Applications

3.2 Identification Survey Reports

3.3 Encroachment Reports

3.4 Preliminary Plans

3.5 Location Certificates

3.6 Dilapidation and Monitoring Reports

4. Miscellaneous

To learn the meanings of different survey abbreviations Click Here

Understanding survey abbreviations


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